The terrible death of one-year-old girl in Kyiv: while bathing the baby almost alive “cooked” in hot water from a broken boiler

One-year-old girl died a few days after he received severe burns during bathing: the parents of the child did not cause the baby soon, and decided to do on their own.

In the Department of communication politiciana said that the tragedy occurred in the Podolsk district, reports “Dialog.

While bathing the mother
year-old daughter from the water heater suddenly poured out boiling water. Hot water got on
child, but the woman decided not to call the doctors to burned baby.

Treating burns daughter
medically, the mother put the girl to sleep. As FR.
lost child during sleep became very bad.

The parents called an ambulance, and
the child was taken to the hospital. But a few days later the girl died to save her

On the fact of death girls started
criminal proceedings under part 1 St. 115 criminal code of Ukraine.

We will add that in Kiev when bathing in the bathroom killed the baby.

Mother for a couple of seconds left, stepping into another
room. Return woman her baby was dead.