The secret service launched an investigation of its employee post in Facebook

Special agent Kerry O’grady said she’d rather go to prison than to protect the President

US secret service launched an investigation against high-ranking employee of the Department in connection with her statement in Facebook that she is not ready to “catch a bullet” for the President of Donald trump, to protect which includes in its duties.

Special agent Kerry O’grady, who heads the Secret service office in Denver, said they would rather go to jail than to protect the President, while recognizing that her words might violate Federal law prohibiting Federal employees from participating in political activity.

“But the world has changed, and I changed. I would rather go to jail than put under a bullet or approve what I consider to be a disaster for this country and strong incredible women and minorities who live here, wrote O’grady. – To hell with the law of the Hatch. I’m for It.”

Later, O’grady said in an interview with the Washington Examiner, which on Tuesday first reported her post, he was worried that the “inner struggle” before to publish your statement, but in the end decided to do it, despite your hesitations.

“This decision was connected for me with an internal struggle, but as soon as I published the post, I realized that it’s not the feelings that are worth to share, because I am very sensitive to their mission,” she said.

Later on Tuesday, the Secret service said that the Agency know about the post O’grady, and that its attitude will be taken “immediate appropriate measures” but did not specify which ones.

“Any allegations of misconduct are taken very seriously and are subject to immediate investigation,” – said in a statement.