New Pentagon chief plans a visit to Asia

James Mattis will visit South Korea and Japan

In February, Secretary of defense James Mattis plans to visit Japan and South Korea. As reported on Wednesday, the Pentagon spokesman, this will be his first trip since taking office.

“The visit will highlight the United States commitment to multi-year Alliance with Japan and the Republic of Korea and the further strengthening of American, Korean and Japanese trilateral cooperation in the security sphere,” – said the press Secretary of the Pentagon Jeff Davis.

Mattis will travel to South Korea on 1 February and, two days later in Tokyo. In the course of approval of his candidacy, and immediately after taking office, Mattis stressed the importance of maintaining international alliances.

At the same time, during the election campaign, the President of the United States Donald trump spoke about the possibility of the withdrawal of American troops from South Korea and Japan if they will not pay for more military support from the United States.

Mattis, who was appointed the first proposed trump candidates for positions in the administration, former head of U.S. Central command and concurrently commander of the joint armed forces of NATO transformation. He retired in 2013.