WSJ: the Source of “compromising” on trump was a businessman from Belarus

Sergei Millian called dossier with allegations of contacts with Russia trump the fake news, “created by sick minds”

The source of some of the most shocking materials of the dossier with unconfirmed allegations that the President of the United States Donald trump had previously been in secret communication with Russian leaders, was a businessman from Belarus, Sergei Millian, the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, the information was transmitted from the Millian is a former British spy through an intermediary.

Citing an unnamed source familiar with the situation, the newspaper writes that the 38-year-old Millian, a US citizen with Belarusian roots, who stated that it helped advertise real estate trump among Russian buyers were not the direct source of the 35-page dossier.

Rather, his statements about trump contacts and representatives of Russia were transferred through at least one mediator, a former British spy, who has prepared a dossier, a source told the Wall Street Journal.

The source noted that among the unverified claims of the Millian allegations that Russian authorities have a compromising video with trump that it can be blackmail, as well as statements about the “conspiracy to cooperation” between the headquarters of the trump and the Russian leadership concerning the hacker attacks on computer systems of trump’s opponents in the Democratic party, the newspaper reports.

And trump, and Russian authorities announced about the approval dossier.

Millian posted a few photos here taken at several events for VIPs in the framework of the inauguration of trump last week. In the email he called contained in the dossier information of “fake news created by sick minds” and “an attempt to divert the future President from the real work”, points out the Wall Street Journal.

Millian has not responded to a number of other issues, including the question of whether he was the source for the author of the dossier.