Trump will sign a decree on the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico

It is reported that the President also is considering proposals to limit the flow of refugees, including 30-dnevny a ban on entry from certain countries

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday will sign the first Executive orders on immigration, said two representatives of the administration. According to them, it will start with the arrangements for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

I assume that he will also take action against so-called cities of refuge.

It is expected that the President will sign the first Executive orders, including measures to start the construction of the wall, during his visit to the Ministry of national security on Wednesday.

Additional measures will be announced in the next few days, said one of the officials.

It is reported that the trump is still deliberating over the details of plans to limit the flow of refugees to the United States.

According to the representative of one organization working in public policy development and monitoring problems of refugees, submitted to the Trump proposals include the cessation of the reception of refugees for a period of not less than four months, and a temporary ban on the entry of residents of some predominantly Muslim countries.

“Tomorrow should be a great day in the field of national security. In addition we will build a wall!” – trump wrote in his personal Twitter account on Tuesday evening.

During the election campaign, trump has promised to strengthen US policy in the area of immigration, including increased border control and stemming the flow of refugees.

He also called for ban on entry to USA residents Islamic countries, but later changed his position, focusing on “thorough checks” coming from countries with ties to terrorism.

Apparently, restrictions on the admission of refugees has not yet acquired its final form.

A source informed about the content of those proposals said they include at least a 30-day ban on entry into the United States from countries such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. However, the source warned that these details are subject to change.

Perhaps there will be exceptions for refugees, fugitives from religious persecution, if they are a religious minority in their country. Under this exception, unable to get Christians fleeing from predominantly Muslim countries.

As President, trump could sign a decree on the suspension of processing of applications of refugees. So did President George W. Bush immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

However, opponents of this decision may seek to challenge them legally, if the ban falls, only the countries with Muslim majority, said the expert on immigration Hiroshi Motomura from the law school at the University of California in Los Angeles.