The white house denies involvement in the project of the decree on “the interrogation”

The document talks about the possible return of secret foreign CIA prisons

The New York Times and The Associated Press reported that in their possession copies of the document circulating is reportedly among high-ranking members of the administration. However, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer insists that the project in question, “is not a document the White house”. According to him, he “has no idea where is this document”.

The draft regulation involves the rejection of the closing of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which still contains 41 suspect of terrorism, despite a failed attempt by President Obama to close the prison during his eight-year presidency. Obama objected to the use of it as a place of imprisonment, where the CIA used the so-called “hard interrogation” as long as Obama didn’t. According to Obama, this practice was a tool for recruitment of terrorists “Islamic state”.

The US President Donald trump may revise existing rules regarding the interrogation of suspected terrorists and reopen the secret overseas CIA prisons, which shut down President Obama.

During the election campaign, trump advocated a return to the use of such interrogation techniques as waterboarding. Obama banned this method and now he is banned by American law.

Trump at some point, said he wants to return to this technique and other, more rigid methods of interrogation, claiming that “torture works”, and “if it does not work, they deserve it”. Subsequently, however, he began to speak more cautiously, citing the opinion of the Minister of defense James Mattis about the fact that torture is ineffective to prevent terrorist attacks.

Trump also pledged to keep the Guantanamo prison open, saying: “We’ll beat the bad guys, believe me, load up to the eyeballs.”

In the draft decree, the leadership of the national security agencies call “to give the President a recommendation whether to renew the program of interrogations of foreign terrorists, who pose a specific danger outside the territory of the United States, should such a program include the use of places of deprivation of liberty”, which were in the Department of the CIA after the attacks of 2001 in new York and Washington. It is expected that these secret sites the CIA in Iraq, Lithuania, Thailand, Romania, Afghanistan and Poland.

The document also States that U.S. laws should always be respected and that they are in plain text prohibits “torture.” Currently, us law permits the use of only those interrogation techniques listed in the manual of the US Army. Among them there is torture waterboarding and other methods of “interrogation”.

The initiative is trump to revise the rules of use of harsh interrogation methods caused an immediate negative reaction from the Senator from Arizona John McCain. McCain unsuccessfully ran for President in 2008, was a fighter pilot during the Vietnam war and over five years spent in captivity.

“The President may sign any Executive orders he wants, McCain said. But the law is the law. We will not reopen torture in the United States of America.”

According to McCain, the Minister of defense and the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo assured him that they will adhere to the limitations on interrogation techniques for terrorism suspects, which are contained in the manual for the armed forces.