Ex-Director of CIA disturbed by trump’s unwillingness to criticize Russia

Robert gates said that the new administration must be prepared to confront Putin

Former CIA Director and defense Secretary Robert gates expressed concern with the position of President of the United States Donald trump against Russia and recommended to use a two-pronged policy in contacts with Moscow.

“I am concerned at the apparent reluctance of the President to criticize the Russian, – said gates PBS. He admitted that the Russian was behind hacking attacks. But with regard to the aggressiveness of Russia’s intervention, interventionism, General intimidation and thuggery – all of it really. This is a real behavior.”

According to gates, the administration trump should adopt an approach in which it with one hand will be able to resist the aggressiveness of Putin and at the same time, to halt the continuing degradation of U.S.-Russian relations.

“We need to develop a policy that will meet both goals, gates said. – You just can’t adapt to Russia, to seek deals with Russia. You must also be willing to Express disagreement with Putin.”