But you still hold on: by 2018, people will be begging the published figures, which are already impossible to hide

Real incomes of Russians in 2016 fell nearly 6 percent. This is somewhat higher than predicted, economic development of the Russian Federation.

The experts
publishing the report for last year were unsure of the real raspolagayutsya in 2016 will fall to only 5.8%, but much mistaken in their calculations,
reports “Dialog. UA”.

By the way, in 2015 this figure was
only 3, 2 %, the current figure is just horrendous.

Economists estimate that a family with one child
year spends almost all of its salary budget, but this figure is no less than 70/80%. And
if the family also works only
one person, often the costs exceed the revenue part.

It is projected that by the end of 2017 and 2018,
this figure will be even worse, every third resident of Russia is already behind the scenes
can be called poor.

Recall that the experts from the Reserve Fund of the Russian Federation said,
tostado Fund will last only until spring.

In addition it became clear,why in the very near future, many Russians can become homeless.