In Russia may appear religious cemetery

*** Dumping on them can only produce structures that are accountable to religious organizations

Moscow. 23 Jan. INTERFAX – the Ministry is finalizing a bill on the funeral business, which involves the creation of “faith-based cemeteries.”

“The bill refers to such religious cemeteries and plots that are intended primarily for the burial of the dead people of the same faith. Proposals for their establishment may be given only by centralized religious organizations (diocese) or, with their consent, religious organizations (parishes, monasteries, farmsteads), included in its structure”, – stated in the explanation of the head of the legal service of the Moscow Patriarchate abbess Xenia (Chernega), which leads on Monday, the website of the Russian Church.

Other legal and physical persons, according to the bill, can not take the initiative to create a faith-based cemeteries and plots.

The burial of the remains, exhumation and reburial of the ashes of the dead in cemeteries and religious sites will be able to solely organization the sole founder (participant) of which is a religious organization of the relevant religion.

In addition, the bill introduces the concept of religious rites and ceremonies accompanying the burial, which can only make religious organizations on the basis of agreements with funeral services, or the person who took the lead in organizing the funeral. This rule is aimed at curbing the burial services performed by persons prohibited from ministering and crooks, dressed in robes.

Under the bill, the religious rites accompanying the burial are funeral services, and the income of religious organizations, derived from funerals and memorial services, implementation of shrouds, crowns, crosses, will not be taxed.

The document provides for the creation of both private and public municipal or religious cemeteries. Their territory will be provided free of charge in the property of centralized religious organizations. A burial place on private cemeteries and religious sites will be allocated to citizens by the decision of religious organizations, state or municipal – according to the decision of the local administration.

The bill solves the problem of granting religious organizations the plots required for the construction or operation of temples and other buildings of a religious or charitable purposes in the state or municipal cemeteries. These sites will be provided free of charge to the ownership or use of religious organizations in accordance with the laws of the land.

On the land of many monasteries located the burial of monastics. Under the bill, the burial places on such land plots will be equal in its status to faith-based cemeteries.