Trump promised businessmen tax cuts and the easing of restrictions

The President met at the White house with leading representatives of business circles of USA

The US President Donald trump on Monday met at the White house with a group of prominent American businessmen, promising “tremendously” reduce taxes and regulatory obstacles and stating that he wanted to return the industry in the United States.

“We believe that we will be able to reduce legal restrictions on 75 per cent, and possibly more. Will be provided better protection, but if you want to expand production, the necessary permissions can be obtained very quickly”, – assured the President.

Trump said that these measures will give companies an incentive to stay in the United States, and for those who want to relocate production abroad, will be entered border duties on all goods and services sold in the United States.

According to the President, during a meeting with representatives of small and large businesses they all told him that their primary concern is the mitigation of legal restrictions.

Trump has promised that no country in the world, the business will not grow as fast as in the United States.

Thus, according to him, despite the planned easing of restrictions will apply rules in the field of security and protection of the environment, although he did not specify which ones.