Russia is prepared shocking stiffness of the punishment for the infamous doping: Germany made a big statement

Germany is in favour of the total exclusion of Russia from participation in two Olympic games in 2018 and 2020, if the suspected systematic work on creation of national system of doping in Russia will receive confirmation.

With a loud statement today
head of Olympic sports
Union Germany Alphonse Herman.

He said that Russia and around the world need to give a very
a clear message that doping is unacceptable. If the facts
systematic maintenance management of the system of doping at the Federal
level will receive confirmation Committee of Russia will be found guilty
the gravest crimes – the violation of the Olympic Charter.

This should cause the disqualification and the removal of Russia
from two Olympic games in Pyongyang and Tokyo in 2018 and 2020.

German official
noted that any country that will catch the obvious violations of
the basic principles of the Olympic Charter, it is necessary to punish rigidly.

Previously, a number of countries have demanded rigidly to punish Russia and postalesio the right to hold important competitions.