Mattis and Kelly were approved by the Ministers of defence and national security

The vote in the Senate was held soon after the inauguration ceremony

WASHINGTON – by an Overwhelming majority, the Senate approved the appointment of General of the marine Corps, retired James Mattis to the post of defense Minister and the appointment of another retired General, John Kelly, to the position of Minister of national security of the United States.

Mattis and Kelly, who for 66 years, became the first members of the President’s Cabinet Donald trump, passed the approval procedure, after which he was immediately sworn in.

The Senate voted shortly after the inauguration ceremony at the Capitol, when the parade on the occasion of trump’s office had just begun.

“I’m proud of the fact that these two American hero became members of my administration,” trump said in a brief statement.

Mattis gave a warm welcome message to American troops worldwide, which commended their work as “sentries and guards of our country.”

New Pentagon chief also pledged to make efforts to “our military was ready to fight – today and in the future.”

Approval Mattis was supported by 98 votes “for” one “against.” The results of the vote to approve Kelly: 88 in favor, 11 against.

In addition, the majority of senators on Friday supported the holding of Monday’s vote on the approval of Congressman Mike Pompeo for the position of Director of the CIA.

New Pentagon chief Mattis previously headed U.S. Central command. Kelly headed southern command, responsible for US military operations in Central and South America and in the Caribbean.