“I want to listen to the silence” – Obama surprised his plans after addition of presidential powers, found out that

Barack Obama admitted that in the near future he’ll take a step back from politics and will not qualify for any elected office.

retiring from his presidency, Barack Obama to focus on family and
begin to write the book, the title and theme of which he keeps secret, according to

his last as President of the USA press conference Obama said that he
wants peace, and does not even want to hear his own voice.

“I want a little quiet and not hear all the time how I
say,” admitted Obama.

Obama emphasized that he remains a U.S. citizen,
but it is not going to participate in any electoral processes.

Previously possessed “putintsy”
at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow held a strange action,wishing Obama to burn in hell.

Also recall that Barack
Obama has neposledovatelen Putin a nasty surprise and extended sanctions
against the Russian Federation.