The US air force had killed 80 ISIL militants in Libya

The airstrikes near the city of Sirte was caused by the order of President Obama

As a result of us airstrikes on two military camps in 45 km South-West of the Libyan city of Sirte destroyed several dozen militants of the “Islamic state”, said on Thursday the U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter.

“According to preliminary estimates, as a result of airstrikes killed more than 80 militants ISIL, many of whom had gathered there, fleeing from the allied local forces that last month with our help liberate Sirte,” said Carter.

Speaking to your last full day at the head of the Pentagon, Carter added that among the militants, which attacked, were people who “actively planning operations against our allies in Europe.”

He also said that these strikes were intended to remind the enemies of the United States that just as the world has not stopped because of the transfer of power in Washington, has stopped its work and the Ministry of defense.”

Press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook told reporters that the militants were trying to regroup in remote camps, as in Sirte has become unsafe. It is unclear whether all were in the camp of militants arrived from Sirte, said cook, adding that the group “poses a threat to Libya, the region and for U.S. national interests”.

“This group had plans, that’s why we struck it now,” he said.

According to cook, two b-2 dropped about 100 shells into two camps of ISIS Wednesday night. According to a source in the defense Ministry, during the attack was also used drones.

Reportedly, the two camps are located in remote rural areas, and the area of the bumps had neither women nor children.

In the video, filmed before the strike, is seen as the militants moved to the territory in flak jackets, with guns and mortars.

The airstrikes were authorized by President Obama and, apparently, will be the last military operation undertaken by the order of the outgoing President.

According to Carter, the strikes were conducted in coordination with the government of national unity of Libya within the framework of the extension of the us operation in support of Libyan forces liberated Sirte last year.

Air US operation in Libya began on August 1 and officially ended on December 19. In early operations, the Pentagon stated that its mission is to help the Government of national unity “to achieve a decisive strategic breakthrough” and not allow militants to take shelter in Libya therefrom to strike the US and its allies.