“Cyber war of Russia against the world is a global danger,” – Petro Poroshenko

The Ukrainian President noted at the recent Davos economic forum that the world needs to counter the Russian cyber threat together, which requires the creation of a global system of protection.

In addition, the head of Ukraine
noted that the evidence of this global cyber war Moscow today
day many, in particular recent attacks by Russian hackers on the Ukrainian
the Department and the company reports “Диалог.UA”.

The President noted that
the past year in the Ukrainian state institutions was recorded 247 hacker attacks.
“Ukrzaliznitsya”, “Ukrenergo”, State Treasury
service Pension Fund, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has undergone to hacker

According to Poroshenko, all
these facts testify to the active conducting a hybrid war, Russia and around the world.

In addition, cybercriminals
from Russia accused of attacks on the Organization for security and cooperation in
Europe and on the servers of the democratic party during the US presidential elections in 2016.

As reported”Диалог.UA” economic forum in Davos, President
Ukraine also met with the President of Azerbaijan. In the course of the conversation
the presidents came to an agreement on many political and economic issues
between Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

We will remind, earlier in the Kremlin administration said that the head of the Russian influence
the decision of Hollande and Merkel to maintain a rapid exchange of prisoners in the format of “all
for all” in Ukraine, reported”Диалог.UA”.