José Mourinho: “Jürgen Klopp thought I was trying to get Firmino sent

José Mourinho said his bust-up with Jürgen Klopp during Manchester United’s 1-1 draw at Liverpool was because of the visit to the manager believed that he tried Roberto Firmino sent.

The incident occurred late at Old Trafford, when Ander Herrera grabbed the Brazil forward, whose retaliation ended with the United midfielder on the ground.

Mourinho and Klopp proves right fit for Manchester United and Liverpool | Jamie Jackson

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The referee, Michael Oliver, will be posted by each player for the incident. But Klopp and Mourinho have caused in an angry exchange that culminated with the German trembling in front of the Portuguese pat.

The United manager said: “He thought I was to be sent to ask for his players. I don’t have. It was no problem at all. I think the game was the right one. I think the players gave everything, but in an emotional and professional way, so that the referee did very well in this part of the game – emotional and in control of good professionals. It was aggression, but it was good, so I think it was great advertisement for the Premier League around the world.”

Klopp had a different take, saying: “He [Mourinho] wanted at least a yellow card, I don’t know. I think that the ref whistle before anything else happened. Roberto is a football player from head to foot, and he wanted to stay in the game. He would have to pass the ball, but that was a yellow card for Herrera and nothing else.

“In the end, it was a yellow card for the man who wanted to play football. It would be even worse if someone wants to see it again and all that stuff. We [he and Mourinho] could not the same opinion at this moment.”

Shared the points after James Milner the 27-minute penalty was repealed in the header by Zlatan Ibrahimovic ‘ s 84th minute. Then Mourinho Marouane Fellaini was introduced to offer his side of the threat of a larger antenna. This Klopp prompted to describe United’s approach as a direct. “In the period from the end of the game, when United started the game long balls to Marouane Fellaini and Zlatan Ibrahimovic – after 80 minutes of” high intensity football it’s really hard. I had hoped that we had a bit of luck, unfortunately, is all good. Monday I can enjoy, with the result, but tonight, only the performance.”

Mourinho felt that his side took all of the initiative. “We were the team that attacked and Liverpool were the team that need to be defended. Let’s see if the critics are fair. I enjoyed it, but I’m disappointed, of course, we do not have the three points. It is so intense. You play long balls, it was a wild game. There was a lot of action in the final minutes. We were here to win the game, that is the reason why we are not 100% satisfied.

“They were clever. You took your time, you know how to play football and the emotions are in control of the game. She knew she would minutes in difficulties in the last few.”