In the Church want to forbid priests to be doctors, singers, businessmen and civil servants

Moscow. 17 Jan. INTERFAX – the Russian Church built the list of professions that are not compatible with the priesthood.

According to published on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate, the draft document, prepared by the inter-Council presence and sent to the diocese for feedback, the lists are profession athletes, singers, civil servants.

“Spiritual persons are also prohibited classes, associated with blood, e.g. medical practice, particularly surgery. An accident during surgery exposes the surgeon charged with involuntary murder, and if he is a cleric, then this, according to the canons entails defrocking”, – stated in the text.

Pointing out that, for example, Crimean Prelate Luka (Voyno-Yasenetsky) of combined hierarchal service with teaching in medicine and surgical practice, the authors stressed that “this exception to the circumstances of the time in which he lived, should not be elevated to the rule.” At the same time, the caveat that the ruling Bishop may authorize the medical profession of the clergyman, “if it can bring good fruit.”

Along with this, according to the draft, the clergy prohibited hunting and other activities inherent to the shedding of blood, the acting profession, dancing, performing, singing, working in the field of show business.

The clergy also should not take over sponsorship with private businesses to engage in farming and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, a cleric may possess the rights of ownership of some sort of “nepredosuditelnaya business,” without participating in the management of them.

The inter – Council presence revived by the Patriarch Kirill, the Church’s Advisory body, which was created in the early twentieth century and now has no analogues in the Orthodox world. It is based on the principle of collegiality in the preparation of the most important decisions involves not only the officials, the bishops, but simple priests, religious, laity, who prepare decisions on the most important issues of activities of the Church.