Biden accused Russia in an attempt to bring down the liberal world order

The Vice-President expressed confidence that Moscow will try to interfere in the election in Europe this year

Vice-President Joe Biden in his last major speech in office has called Russia the biggest threat to the international liberal order and stated that Moscow will try to influence the upcoming elections in Europe as well as, according to the charges against her accusations, she did in the United States.

“Under President Putin, Russia uses all available tools to undermine the verge of the European project, to find fault line of the Western States and to return to a policy defined by spheres of influence,” – said Biden, speaking at the world economic forum in Davos on Wednesday.

“In a situation when many European countries hold elections this year, we should expect new attempts of Russia to interfere in the democratic process. It will happen again, I promise you. And again, the purpose is clear: to bring down the liberal international order,” Biden said.

“Simply put, Russia has a different vision of the future, which they are promoting everywhere, Biden said. They want back a world where the strong impose their will through military might, corruption or crime, and weaker neighbors – obey”.

In conclusion, he pointed out that the United States and Europe “must lead the struggle for the protection of those values, thanks to which we reached the current situation.”