In Chernivtsi region missing from the hospital the soldier has committed suicide: the body of the guy shot in the head found the villagers

Dead soldier found on the road, the villagers Kobolchin. Next to him was military ID. At the same time on the website of the state of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region information upon the incident of suicide of the military there.

The father of the soldier told that his son
had to be treated at the district hospital. The reasons for
a young man leave the clinic and commit suicide, the father of a young
person is unknown, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to local media, that the military poconchile themselves, no doubt, he shot himself in the head, which confirmed

To the version of suicide and are prone to local
the police, the military Prosecutor’s office on the death of a registered criminal

We will add that in Mirgorod shot the captain, the body of the soldier was found with multiple gunshot wounds,
the name of the killed police of the region are carefully concealed.