“I have now the concussion was!”: fighter Belenus demonstrated a dangerous technique on the journalist, leaving her on the carpet

Silver medalist of the Olympic games-2016 in Rio de Janeiro Jean Belenus at the request of the journalist of the channel “1+1” Nadi Kowerski, showed her a dangerous technique. However, he heavily threw her on the carpet.

The video, which Belenus threw the girl on his back, on his page on the social network Facebook was published by the journalist herself. She also signed it. She said that this video demonstrates how to properly throw the girls on the floor. She added that after this the master class alive.

Belenus and he signed for the video is: “a Brief wrestling manual translation of the girls in “horizontal” position.”

Users of the social network in different ways responded to this. Someone wrote that the athlete has taken care of that the girl was not injured. This is seen in the video. While others wrote that it was her last class and that wrestler tough enough with a girl.