Tougher personal sanctions of the United States: in the list are 27-year-old sister of DPRK leader Kim Jong UN – Reuters

The United States authorities expanded the list of personal sanctions against North Korea by including it seven officials of the DPRK, including the sister of the dictator, Kim Jong-UN.

International information агенствоReuters announced that Washington decided to expand the list of personal sanctions against the DPRK.

This is stated in the report of the Director of the Division of foreign assets control of the U.S. Treasury Department John Smith, writes “Диалог.UA”.

It is noted that the list includes six men and one woman – 27-year-old sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

The reason for the tightening of sanctions on the human rights violations in the DPRK and the introduction of censorship.

United States emphasized that North Korea is continuing illegal arrests, disappearances, torture and assassinations without judgment.

Recall releasememory, representing the Republican and Democratic party USA, United for the introduction of new sanctions against Russia because of the attacks of the Kremlin.