Trump urged Republicans to immediately repeal health care reform

MOSCOW, January 10 — RIA Novosti. The US President-elect Donald trump on Tuesday called on Republicans to move faster with the process immediate repeal and replace health care reform in the country, writes the New York Times.

“We need to get down to business. (Health care reform – ed.) Obamacare was a disaster,” — leads edition of the words of trump.

As writes the edition, trump has requested a vote on repealing reform, “perhaps in some time next week” and said that “replacement (of reforms – ed.) will be held very quickly or at a time”.

According to the elected President of the United States, the reason for the delay in the abolition of the reform, no. He added that he will not delay more than a few weeks to replace reform. “Long means a few weeks. It’s not that will cancel (reforms – ed.), and then two years later, followed by another plan,” said trump.

Previously elected Vice-President Mike Pence announced that the first act of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump in the White house will cancel the reform of compulsory health insurance called Obamacare.

Health care reform 2010, received the informal name (Obamacare), suggests the poor subsidies for health insurance. At the same time, all Americans were obliged to buy medical insurance. U.S. health care is the most expensive in the world. Obamacare is in the public mixed reactions. According to surveys, about half of Americans believe that reform should be canceled. However, about 20 million people for the first time was insured through this reform.

The law was passed in 2010 with only democratic votes, which at the time controlled Congress. Then the Republicans, having a majority in the house of representatives and then the Senate, dozens of times voted for the repeal of the law, but could not overcome a presidential veto. The Supreme court upheld several key aspects of the reform. Republicans at the moment are on the path of Democrats intending to make changes unilaterally, without the consent of opposition from the Democrats.