In Russian families it is not customary to discuss sex, death and disease – a survey

Moscow. January 10. INTERFAX – the Main taboo for discussion in the family, the Russians called sexual problems of people, including relatives and friends (33%), as well as the topic of suicide (15%), found “Levada-Center”.

According to the survey, among those not accepted to talk with native Russians also noted the death or serious illness of loved ones and events that it is impossible to change or improve (7%).

5% of respondents are not negotiable in the family matters of religion. The same number of respondents named in the forbidden “dark pages of the history of the country,” said the sociologists according to a survey of 1,600 people aged 18 years and older in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

Families 4% of survey participants decided not to count money in another’s pocket, including relatives. Also 4% of the respondents considered too sensitive to discuss the characters of loved ones, their relationships with others.

Among other forbidden in the family, the Russians named the economy (3%), policy against heads of state (2%), foreign policy, Russia’s actions in other countries (2%).

Moreover, almost half of the respondents (47%) failed to mention any fact, which is not to say in the family, undecided 8%.