What future U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson plans to say about Russia?

Wednesday will be Senate hearings on the approval of Rex Tillerson to the post of foreign Minister

Wednesday morning in the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs will hold hearings on the approval of Rex Tillerson to the post of U.S. Secretary of state

According to the draft version of the speech, which has already been published, in particular, in the Washington Post, the businessman plans to talk about “the decisive moment” in the history of the United States and around the world.

“Old ideas and international norms, – said Tillerson, who was clear and regulate behavior in the past, is ineffective in our time.”

Relations with China Tillerson calls at the same time “friendly and antagonistic,” and said about Russia, that country is trying to gain respect and importance in the international arena, but “its actions in recent times ignored American interests.”

“Our allies are rightly alarmed about the increasing activity of Russia is planning to tell Tillerson. – In the absence of leadership of America, this door had been left open and was sent unintended signals. We went back on the promises made to allies. We sent weak or mixed signals about the “red line” that turned into green (light). We did not recognize the fact that Russia does not think like we do. Words alone do not erase uneven and sometimes controversial history of our country. But we need an open and Frank dialogue with Russia about its ambitions – so that we could plan our own way. Where cooperation with Russia based on shared interests is possible – as, for example, reducing the global threat of terrorism we must test these capabilities. But where fundamental differences of view – we must be steadfast in protecting the interests of America and its allies.”

Several times in his speech, Tillerson plans to mention radical Islam, which, he said, “is an illegitimate manifestation of the Muslim faith”. Iran and North Korea nominee for Secretary of state calls “enemies” that pose a “serious threat to peace because of their refusal to comply with international standards”.

“To achieve stability, which is the basis of peace and security in the 21st century, American leadership must not only be renewed, but confirmed,” the plans say Tillerson. This leadership, according to the candidate, was lost in the last decade, and opponents of the United States took advantage of that.

Meanwhile, Ben Cardin, a leading Democrat in the Senate Committee on foreign relations, intends to Express disappointment that in his introductory remarks, Tillerson, the text of which was submitted to the Committee, no mention of direct, confirmed Russia’s cyber attacks against America.

“Mr. Tillerson, I’m sure you can understand why I and many of my colleagues are deeply concerned about your relationship with Mr Putin”, – said in the prepared text of the speech Cardin.

“The question is not only what you saw, looking him in the eye – you don’t strike me as naïve – but also in the behavior of Exxon when it directly or indirectly supported, funded the same tools used by Putin to suppress democracy and dissent in their own country and to sow discord abroad, is going to tell Cardin. – I’m not saying you did it intentionally, but the truth is, from a business partnership Exxon not too far from the “black funds” of Putin’s Kremlin, which is important for its disinformation campaigns around the world.”

In their criticism of the elected President, Donald trump called it also indicates that Tillerson will be the President who “made it clear that he can ignore Putin’s invasion in Ukraine, its illegal annexation of Crimea and its intervention in Syria, where Russian troops have entered into a partnership with Iran, Hezbollah and Shiite rebels, to change the situation on the battlefield in favor of the dictator, perpetrator of war crimes”.

“Russia itself is responsible for war crimes for its support of Bashar al-Assad, who starved, dumped barrel bombs and torture, tried to achieve obedience of the Syrian people, will emphasize Cardin. – Despite this, President-elect trump may rush to make Putin a close ally of the United States of America.”