Published shocking video, in Russia the killer-the loser while trying to kill the woman he shot himself

A bullet fired from the rifle, hit the ceiling, ricocheted and fatally wounded a man in the head.

In the Network appeared
video of unusual tragic accidents in the Russian Krasnodar 58-year-old
a local resident was killed after attempting
shooting his friend, reports “Dialog UA “.

As follows
from recording with the camcorder, January 6, armed with a carbine “saiga”
a man approaching retirement age, while in the underpass, three times
shoots the woman hiding in the pavilion.

what he saw is not clear, the man tried to kill the woman, or simply to intimidate.
After making three rounds, the attacker raises his arms up and presses on the trigger
the hook again. The bullet hits the ceiling and ricocheted fatally “killer”
in the head, then he falls and moves no more.

As reported
in the UK Krasnodar, the incident happened in the underpass on the red street.

the got wounds the man died instantly.