Militants “DNR” did not trust even the broken tanks: Russian curators were ordered to repair the equipment in the RF – only “IP”

Group “Information resistance” published evidence that the curators of the Russian Federation no longer trust local fighters the repair of damaged equipment and during December and January are taken solely on the Russian territory.

Military equipment that gets damaged in the occupied territories of Donbass, now taken out for repairs in the Russian Federation. Reported group”Information resistance”, writes “Диалог.UA”.

Despite the creation of the specialists of the armed forces a powerful repair base in terrorist “DNR”, in December of 2016 – the beginning of January 2017, the Russian military equipment is taken for repairs in Russia.

It is reported that the replacement she delivered the repaired or new equipment from the territory of the Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

“This situation is caused by the extremely low quality of repair works carried out in the so-called “DNR”, “repairmen” from the local community who work under the guidance of experts from Russia,” – noted in “IP”.

Recall,the Russian propagandists have started to create a new fake news about non-existent attacks temporarily occupied Gorlovka, who allegedly carried out the ATO forces.