Was found mutilated corpse of a witness in the murder case of Russian lawyer Grushnikov Yury Grabovsky – social network in complete shock

The lawyer Oksana Sokolovsky wrote that the mother of the deceased unknown way of witness Sergey Fedosenko in a lineup for unknown reasons, refused to go.

Colleague Grabowski’m sure 90%
it’s the body of the main witness involved in the case about
the murder of the lawyer of one of the Russian Grushnikov – Alexandrov. Fedosenko,
as said by the lawyer on his page in Facebook, was also
other and her assistant, reports “Диалог.UA”.

After the murder of Grabovski, that Sokolovsky was involved in
Grushnikov case in court and represent their interests. Fedosenko
held as a witness and as her assistant. But at some
the moment he mysteriously disappeared and was later declared wanted. To the question followers why she believes that the body 90%
belongs Fedosenko, the lawyer replied that such a conclusion was made on
distinctive features, which can be recognized even after death.

“I can not say more,” said Sokolowski.

We will remind that Yury Grabovsky buried
On 2 April last year, the process was in the closed coffin,as the body of the lawyer was severely mutilated.

At the end of March 2016 godibili shown horrific pictures from the scene of the murder Grabowski, whose body was exhumed from the earth.