Trump praised Fiat-Chrysler’s decision to expand production in the United States

The President-elect endorsed the plan of the automaker to create 2,000 new jobs in the country

The US President-elect Donald trump praised the statement of automobile concern Fiat-Chrysler, plans to spend a billion dollars to build new production capacities in the industrial center of the United States.

The company, which is the third largest automaker in the United States, said Sunday that he was going to expand its factories in Ohio and Michigan, began to make there SUV’s and pickups, as well as creating 2,000 new jobs.

This became known two days later, after the second largest American automaker Ford Motor announced the cancellation of expansion plans in Mexico and the allocation of $ 700 million to expand production in the United States, which will create 700 new jobs.

“Finally it is happening! – trump wrote on Twitter after the statement of Fiat-Chrysler. – Thank you, Ford and Fiat C!”

Trump recently criticized the largest U.S. automaker General Motors and the world’s largest carmaker Toyota, who said they were going to expand production in Mexico. The President-elect has threatened to introduce a large border fees, if GM and Toyota will try to bring new cars back to the US to sell them through us dealers.

Trump will take office after the inauguration scheduled for January 20.

During his long election campaign, the Republican has promised to introduce a 35-percent tax on products produced by American companies abroad, and sent back for sale in the United States. however, the introduction of new tariffs it will need the consent of Congress, and many Republicans support free trade, which, according to him, robs Americans of jobs, as many companies are moving production to countries where labor is cheaper.