The Kremlin receives blow after blow: first, the us military armored brigade are unloaded in Poland

American soldiers sent to military units of Poland for the increasing American presence in Europe, in the framework of strengthening the Eastern borders of NATO in the face of increasing Russian aggression.

This was the response
the reaction of NATO to the recent increase in
time Russia’s military presence on the Eastern borders of Europe and its aggression
on Ukraine, according to Polish radio.

250 American servicemen,
including command and engineering battalions from airport Wroclaw will be
sent to military units of Poland, and military installations of the country.

Operation Atlantic Resolve
will be held on the whole territory of Poland for 10 months.

On the eve of 6 January,
the German seaport of Bremerhaven, of the Resolve that was unloaded
heavy weapons, which by rail will be delivered to Poland, in
the location of the American armored brigades.

American tanks, trucks
cars and other special equipment were the first transfers to East
Europe out of a total of 2500 prospective units. Poland first took the us military and military equipment of the United States.

In October 2016
the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said that the operation Atlantic
Resolve on the Eastern borders of NATO will start in February 2017 and is
an adequate response to the military aggression of Russia in Eastern Europe.

According to the Minister
of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski, a joint operation of the Alliance on
Poland will make the country a full member of NATO and will provide her
protection is similar to other European countries.

Was exoascales earlier,from Bremerhaven American military aid will be unloaded and sent by rail to Eastern Europe, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia.