It became known about the mass layoffs in “PrivatBank”: the new leadership went to unprecedented measures

In the nationalized government “PrivatBank” staff canceled the payment of premiums and want to fire 30% of staff. This was stated by Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky on his page on the Internet.

He said that new leadership in
the Bank has set a target to hold substantial savings. The leaders adopted
the decision to go with a premium and the internal order canceled this rule, which
amounted to 30% of the salary of employees.

Suddenly it became clear that call center in
work with elite clients receives the RFP, which consists almost entirely of
award, the amount of which depends on the quality of work with clients. After the order about the
cancellation of awards all employees of the specified centre quickly stopped.

Dubinsky claims that his sources
talking about the plans for layoffs and staff cuts by 30%. In this case
in proportion to the load will be increased on the remaining employees of the Bank.

Note that one of the users pointed out that the information the journalist
is false, since the award was canceled just 3 days.

Earlier media was told how much it will cost to Finance the whole operation. According to the Minister of Finance, the government is thinking to sell the Bank in 2017 after the stabilization of the situation.