Obama has publicly placed trump in place for suspicious attempts to justify the guilt of Putin, media reports quote his words

After the resonance the publication of the report of the American intelligence Agency, the outgoing US President Barack Obama reiterated in an interview with the American media that the Kremlin had intervened in the American elections.

He said that the truth lies in the fact that the Russian
wanted to interfere in the electoral process and they did it. Obama said that his very
concerned about the comment “some Republicans” who began to criticize the report immediately
after the publication of the facts from them.

Obama stressed that “some members of the
the party have more trust in Putin than their own fellow citizens” only
the basis of the fact that they are Democrats.

Thus, Obama hinted at the chief of the Republicans
Donald trump, who continues to resist the published data.

The current President to once again publicly hinted Trump what they
with Obama are a member of the team to which Putin belongs – he
is quite a different team.

Recall that the Obama administration has finished formation of a package of sanctions. Thus your opinion here is trump.