U.S. intelligence took over the RT: James Clapper believes Russia’s actions are hostile and directed against America

Today, January 5, at the meeting of the Committee of the U.S. Senate, the Director of National intelligence James Clapper issued a statement that Russia used the stories of his RT to influence the opinion of Americans in the conduct of elections of the President of the United States.

noted that Russia thus showed disrespect to all
statehood the United States, accusing America of double standards in the field
respect for human rights and many others.

US intelligence reminded the Committee that Russia has used any excuse to
to highlight the action of the government in a negative light and exploited
any errors or faults in the system control US with the help of controlled
the channel, forming a negative opinion of the world community and themselves

the hearing, present at the Committee, Senator John McCain said
Clapper, can we consider a hypothetical intervention of Russia in the political
the scope of U.S. military action.

intelligence said in response: “the Number of votes they have not changed. We have no way of
learn how these actions influenced the decision of the electorate.”

However, Clapper said,
the decision on recognition of such actions of Russia’s military aggression
included in its competence and whether such behavior is an act of war should
be resolved at the political level.

Was exoascales earlier, Ian Jacks rigidly gonna slay Moscow’s policy towards Kiev and the Dnieper on his page in the Network.