Trump even before the inauguration to dismiss the “political” ambassadors appointed by Obama

After the change of administration, as a rule, some “non-career diplomats” to leave their posts. However, this time we are not talking about any delay

The transitional team of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump decided to dismiss ambassadors, the so-called “political appointees” of the current head of the White house of Barack Obama. This is with reference to its diplomatic sources told the newspaper the New York Times.

As writes the edition, close to Obama’s diplomats must leave their posts before the inauguration of the new President – that is, until 20 January 2017. As a result of these actions the United States may in the coming months to remain without the heads of diplomatic missions in allied countries like Belgium, the Czech Republic and New Zealand.

According to the established political tradition, after the change of the American administration, as a rule, some “non-career diplomats” to leave their posts. But for the first time after such diplomats “all without exception” will not allow even a short delay before the resignation and return to the country. Previously, such exception was made. Including family circumstances – for example, to give the opportunity for school children to finish the school year in the old school.

The New York Times drew attention to the fact that for the same reason – the need for 10-year-old son of Donald trump, Barron, to study up to the end of the school year in the new York school – future first lady Melania trump has no plans to move soon to the White house.