Trump asks Congress to investigate the receipt by NBC of classified information

Speech, apparently, goes about the information about cyber-attacks by Russian hackers

As reported by Reuters, the US President-elect Donald trump said Friday that he will ask Congress to investigate getting NBC top secret information, apparently referring to a report sanctioned by the Russian cyber attacks, the aim of which was to influence the recent presidential election in the United States.

“I ask the chairmen of the committees of the house of representatives and the Senate to investigate the fact of obtaining NBC top secret information before it was I am informed,” wrote trump on Twitter.

White house spokesman Josh Ernest at the briefing expressed doubts about the motivation of the elected President of the United States, Recalling a tweet in defense of Assange, written by trump two days ago.

“Two days ago I read a tweet in which he declared the honesty of a foreign citizen, who is head of the organization, just dealing with disclosure of top-secret U.S. information. Two days later, two days after assurances of the honesty of this man, the President-elect is now suddenly concerned over the disclosure of classified information.

The first tweet makes me suspect that his concern was dictated not by a desire to ensure the protection of classified information. What his motives are – let him explain them himself, I think all of you will have the opportunity to ask him. But mindful of his backstory and of course mindful of his rhetoric in defense of WikiLeaks during the election campaign, I think, is to question the motives expressed today concern,” said Ernest.