The white house released a video of memorable moments of the Obama presidency

In the video were, among other things, shows the leader meeting with a U.S. rapper from Vietnam

In connection with the imminent end of the presidential term of President Obama, the White house released a highlight video of the most memorable moments of his presidency, including meeting with the “Queen of hip-hop” Vietnam named Soboy.

The President met with 26-year-old Subai last year during the summit held in the framework of his visit to Vietnam, meeting with young people.

In an interview with the Vietnamese service of “voice of America” Subai shared that he considers it an honor to appear in the video of the White house, and that the meeting itself was very interesting.

“Under this event everyone has a chance to talk to the top leader. In this case, the audience (Obama) was young. I think for most Vietnamese this is something new,” – said Subai.

“Of course, I raised my hand every time he gave us a chance to ask a question. When he said that it was time for one last question, I realized that I have to ask it. Other young people have asked about the economy and about human trafficking, but nobody asked anything about actors, Actresses and art”

When Subai introduced himself as a rapper, the President said: “Before I answer Your question, why would You not honor us REP? Let’s see what You can do”.

Subai performed one of his rap songs to the applause of the audience, what led the President in delight.

The conversation between Obama and Subai has gained immense popularity in the media and social networks. Media Subai Vietnamese dubbed the “Queen of hip-hop”