Shooting at the airport in Fort Lauderdale.

At the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the shooting occurred. According to preliminary data, 5 people died, 8 were injured – these data are subject to change.

Police say the suspect in committing this crime detained. Presumably, the shooting was produced by a lone gunman, who was detained by police, according to USA Today.

According to Reuters, the shooter is a young man, about 20 years old, wearing a shirt that says “Star Wars” (“Star wars”). He was wounded by police as he tried to reload, according to MSNBC, citing witnesses.

John Slicer, one of the witnesses to the shooting, in an interview with MSNBC described the shooter as “slim man” shooting “straight at us”, that is, passengers waiting for their suitcases from the Luggage belt.

The incident occurred in the baggage claim area. The motives of the perpetrator is unknown.

Reuters reports that immediately after an incident the security personnel of the airport passengers gathered in a few safe places.

Ari Fleischer, former press Secretary of US President George Bush, said on Twitter that he heard gunshots and “all run”.

“Now all seems calm, but the police does not allow anyone to leave the airport – at least where I am,” said Fleischer.

Video footage taken from helicopters news agencies, it was possible to see hundreds of people on the runway. The victims were taken to hospitals.

Senator of Florida bill Nelson in an interview said that the suspect was found a military certificate in the name of Esteban Santiago. It is not known whether his license. According to Nelson, the motive of the shooter is also yet to be determined.

It is already known that the shooter arrived with a flight from Canada. His firearm was Packed in the Luggage that was previously checked by airport services.

Witnesses told ABC News that the attacker repeatedly shouted: “I am not a Jew.”

Governor of Florida Rick Scott called on to pray for the victims of this terrible tragedy at the airport.

The Governor also told the press that he already called President elect Donald Trump and elected Vice-President Mike Pence, and they assured him that “he would do everything in their power” to render the necessary assistance in this situation. Scott also said that he was unable to contact the current President Barack Obama. The Governor explained his calls Trump and the Penny that has personal contact with them.