John Kerry: serving America was honored

The Secretary of state wished good luck to his successor, Recalling the importance of the work of American diplomacy for peace

Summing up his tenure as Secretary of state, John Kerry has sent President Obama the final memo. Kerry began his address by noting the unqualified successes of the administration of the current President of the USA has achieved over the past 8 years.

“We rallied the international community to make joint efforts to embrace the possibilities that will help us create a better future. Much remains to be done, but I am sure that if the United States will invest talents, time and resources in international politics, we will remain the same essential power, and how are today”, – said in the letter.

Kerry criticized proposals to cut funding of the U.S. state Department and the Agency for international development (USAID), emphasized that even a modest contribution to diplomacy is able to “change the world for the better and enhance our own security – for many future generations.”
“However, – said Kerry – we can’t be strong in the world unless we are strong here at home.”

The Secretary of state said that he felt a sense of pride in their country when abroad, stressing that not only “every time understands how lucky we are here in the United States,” but also mindful of the United States a huge responsibility and the need to change American life for the better. In this regard, Kerry said about the need to adhere to important values within the country, thereby spreading them in other countries.

Despite the problems faced by the United States, Kerry said: “I firmly believe that we need to look to the future with optimism, who always inspired us and gave us energy.” The state Secretary also said that “America’s greatness is a fact, but not a given,” noting that the world will continue to watch over US, and Americans need to continue to show their best side.

At the end of his message to the President, Kerry said, infinitely grateful for the opportunity to serve my country as Secretary of state, calling it a “honour”. “I wish the successor of President Obama and my successor all the best in this outstanding way, because they will represent the greatest country in the world,” he said.