Trump announced the first order of the new President of the United States: the billionaire went against medical reforms Obama

Donald trump as the leader of the States has already decided that it would be the first thing to do at the head of the United States. Elected Vice-President Mike Pence said today that trump will cancel compulsory health insurance in the country ironically called them in honor of Barack Obama – Obamacare (eng. – “Obama care”).

About it writes “Диалог.UA” referring to Reuters.

“First, you need to fulfill the promise for the abolition of Obamacare. We want to replace it with another medical reform, which should reduce the cost of the government and the ordinary citizen,” said new Vice President.

Trump, according to Pence, as is the White house along with Congress will develop its plan for “an orderly and smooth transition to a market system of health insurance”.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that Irina Khakamada knows to casatoriti trump that he recognized Crimea as part of Russia.

Announced, pokemopolis will not go to the inauguration of Donald trump.