Posh chaos in Moscow, the laughter of friends Muscovite pulled out a gun and started shooting in the street, shocking footage, shouting passers-by

The video appeared on the Internet with a light application of “Golden” friends of the shooter. They happily commented on everything, had no qualms that on the street there are people and only by a lucky chance none of the passers-by did not become a victim of the shooting.

Policymake start checking after this video spread on the Internet.

The footage shows
as a “major” in the center on one of the streets of Moscow pulls out
my cool cars a gun and starts shooting into the air, making not a single
shot under the cheers of his friends.

In the shot you can hear
terrible screams of passers-by, a couple of seconds before shots behind the arrow went
a few people, but the “majors” only laugh and did not react to the fear
people, continuing to pose for the camera and requiring the shooter to comment
what happened.