Lenin should be buried, but the main thing – not to harm, stated in the Russian Church

*** The red square is not a cemetery and not a place for such burials

Moscow. 4 Jan. INTERFAX – the head of the Patriarchal Council for culture, the Abbot of the Sretensky monastery of Moscow, Bishop mark Tikhon (Shevkunov) believes that Lenin’s body should be given the land, but this issue should be solved by government.

“Red square is not a graveyard, this is not the place for this kind of burial, but it will be people who are empowered to make decisions, of course after hearing all. But this decision will of course touch on many vectors. The most important thing in this case – to do no harm,” said Bishop in an interview to “Interfax-Religion”.

The fact that the mummified remains of Lenin sooner or later take, he had no doubt, “and when it will be let them decide for those who are responsible for the fact that this obvious solution did not result in any impacts that the adoption rate for this decision do not deserve”.

“To say that it should be done, we will, and yell that it should be done right now or tomorrow, will not. We informed you about our opinion, which is in agreement with a lot of people. Well, then let the people decide, who are responsible for civil peace in the country”, – said the Hierarch.

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