The Deputy of the Parliament of Finland has been fined for attack against Muslims

Helsinki. 4 Jan. INTERFAX – the district court of Finland sentenced to a fine in the amount of 20 daily rates, or 1160 Euro MP Teuvo of khakarainen for inciting ethnic hatred, said on Wednesday the portal broadcasting “Yle”.

The basis for the prosecution served as recording Deputy in “Facebook” after the attack in nice that “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” T. Hakkarainen also demanded to expel all Muslims.

The court found that the record in social networks denigrating people of the Islamic faith, and the requirement to expel all Muslims contains a threat to a certain group of the population. The court also demanded that the accused has deleted his account from Facebook.

The MP said he would not appeal the verdict.

T. Hakkarainen included in the nationalist party “True Finns”.

Parliamentary faction “True Finns” will discuss the situation with T. Khakarainen at its meeting in February, at the beginning of the spring session of Parliament.

Last year for inciting ethnic hatred were fined a member of Parliament from the same party Terhi Kierunki. She, however, said that he will appeal the verdict.