“Satan” do not help Putin: UK will reflect the Russian aggression futuristic Dragonfire

In London signed a historic contract for the production of weapons of the future, equipped with advanced laser technology. Modern equipment of the United Kingdom will be armed with all the English military.

UK could become a pioneer in the field
prototype development of laser weapons scientists of the country have already called
Dragonfire, pesetas-1492News.

You know that a new high-energy laser weapons
can be installed on any means of transport. Light waves can blow up
planes and missiles.

“Laser guns operate by stimulation of electrons in
some materials, which then emit light waves that can be
strengthened and directed in a narrow beam burning,” writes the media.

Project Dragonfire was the result of several
companies. London has been allocated £ 30 million on the determination
precision laser weapons and his reaction to different weather conditions.

In case of successful test samples of the weapon will be put into
operation in the middle of the 2020-ies.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin promised to destroy Cadernos missile “Satan.”