NI told why the sanctions Obama more harm to US than Russia

MOSCOW, 2 Jan — RIA Novosti. The actions of Barack Obama in the last days of his presidency aimed not so much at protecting the interests of the country, how to make life difficult for his successor in the White house to Donald Trump, and ultimately harm the United States itself, writing on the website of The National Interest publisher Dimitri Simes and Paul Saunders scientist.

As an example, the authors cite the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, announced in response to “interference in the elections.”

According to the version of Obama, a hacker attack was stopped. No evidence of their influence on the outcome of the US election, the President has not led. So there is no reason to declare that the alleged Russian intervention was significant, the authors write. In this case, no need to rush to sanctions was not, and was worth the wait, giving Trump the right to deal with this issue.

And if we assume that the alleged Russian intervention was serious, then taken Obama’s measure, again, cannot be called proportional. The expulsion from the country for 35 Russian diplomats and sanctions against officers of FSB and GRU are unlikely to greatly hurt Russia or to influence. High-ranking Russian intelligence, being of sound mind, are unlikely to travel to the US and even more to buy real estate there, the authors note. Therefore Obama imposed sanctions — no more than a symbolic action.

With regard to the closure of diplomats to the so-called suburban summer residences of the permanent representative in new York and Embassy in Washington, that’s what the counselors suggested to make Ronald Reagan in 1983, after over the USSR was shot down South Korean passenger “Boeing”. So Reagan rejected that advice because such a move would be not only petty, but have no effect on Soviet policy. But that seemed too petty to Reagan, it came to Obama, who, by the way, during the election campaign of 2012 criticized his opponent MITT Romney for his commitment to the views of the cold war, the authors remind.

Moreover, the deterioration of relations with Russia, the United States will lose more, as the political controversies hinder effective cooperation between the two countries on combating terrorism. Thus, Obama’s actions threaten the lives of American citizens, without giving in return any obvious political benefits for the country, I think Simes and Saunders.

Petty settling of accounts with political opponents, quite possibly, purchased at the cost of compromising national interests of the United States that put President Obama in a very unfavorable light, and restrained reaction of Vladimir Putin stressed, concludes The National Interest.

December 29, President Barack Obama announced sanctions against nine Russian organizations and individuals, including officers of the FSB and the GRU. U.S. authorities had also deported 35 Russian diplomats. Vladimir Putin stated that, while reserving the right to take retaliatory action, Moscow would not commit similar acts against diplomatic personnel of the United States.