In the Donbas sharply apostilas the military situation: in the media appeared first alarming data

The OSCE in the Donbass confirms the disturbing news about a situation which continues to deteriorate. The staff of the monitoring Mission noted that the number of attacks and violations of silence regime continues to steadily increase, reaching a peak of 70 attacks and bombings in one day.

The unfavourable trend recorded in the last
a few days.The most fierce and intense points
of the front are Gorlovka, Avdeevka and Svetlodarsk.

Observers record the application on the arc Svetlodarsk
cars BMP-1 and BMP-2, large-caliber small arms. Constant explosions
heard near Avdeevka and Gorlovka, but the members of the OSCE SMM are unable to accurately identify
the nature of the weapons used.

B OSCE stressed that, despite attempts to restrict the movement of the monitoring group, the workers of the Organization still trying to control the breeding process of the armed forces in near the village of Lugansk.

Recall from 1 January Austria became the OSCE Chairman -Kurtz has already said that aims to resolve the conflict in the Donbas. Pagelisten brought in front Mariupol the new head of the OSCE.