MP Iryna Friz: “What to do with Le Pen? This inexperienced French need to invite to the Donbass and show all the charm of the “Russian world”

The people’s Deputy from BPP “Solidarity” has commented on a TV statement by Le Pen about the alleged legality of the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.

the President of France, the leader of the political party “national front”, marine
Le Pen must arrange a visit to Eastern Ukraine, so she convinced
the effects of the activities of the “Russian world” for other States and not
illusions about the “peacemaker” Putin, reports “Dialog

This opinion
MP from the ruling party Irina Friz in a broadcast on Ukrainian television,
commenting on the statement by Le Pen about the recognition of the legitimate annexation of the Crimean
of the Peninsula by Russia.

Le Pen need to organize a visit to Ukraine, in particular the visit to the East of our
state where she has the opportunity to verify the consequences
the “Russian world” for other countries”, – said the politician.

According to
Frieze, the French nationalist Le Pen, despite the open funding from
Moscow does not yet have enough foreign policy experience for quality
assessment of the situation in Ukraine.

the problem that lies at the basis of its election program, unfortunately, was
created Russia for bombing peaceful settlements in Syria. And the fact
what Le Pen improperly evaluates the threat to France from the Russian Federation,
shows that she has insufficient experience in foreign policy
terms”, – said Irina Friz.

Marine Le Pen said that Russia’s annexation of Crimea was illegal. SBU has
sent the foreign Ministry a letter for approval of the ban on entry to Ukraine marine Le

We will remind, French, nationalistischen Le Pen does not consider the annexation of the Crimea illegal.

In turn,the Ukrainian politicians Rabinowitz and Moore became friends with Le Pen.