“Tower of Mordor”: the Internet was gonna slay unusual the main football unfinished Russia

The tower of Mordor and Sauron’s refuge refer to Internet users of the new stadium on Krestovsky island in St. Petersburg.

“Zenit-arena” was supposed to be the most modern,
a prestigious and elegant facility on the football map of Russia. However, it seems customers
project and architects are a little overzealous in the pursuit of exclusivity and
identity of the new object.

On the Internet appeared an unusual photo of the future stadium,
which immediately became the cause of banter and heated discussion of Internet users,
because, like, he just has descended from pages of the books of J. R. R. Tolkien.

“Tower of Mordor”, “the center of power of Sauron” – the most soft
the epithets, which awarded the construction of the football arena and future visitors
just like the readers.

The completeness of the film “dark country of Mordor,” gives
caught a picture of the stadium tower of public and business complex “Lahtiranta”.

Neither give nor take – the “black country” with
the main fortress of Sauron.

Was castmetal “Russian Dialogue,” the date of the opening of a new stadium was first postponed to the end of December 2016, and then postponed again. The stadium is literally plagued by constant troubles, constant shifts of the opening date, unforeseen technical malfunctions.

We will remind, it was reported on sacranie Диалог.UA the Minister of defence of Ukraine Poltorak told how Mat fought on the arc Svetlodarsk with the “living organism”.