Ritualistic vandalism: near Lviv attackers burned the Museum kryivka the UPA on the anniversary of the birth of Bandera

Someone clearly missed the charms of the “Russian world” and wants to make a second “LC” only in Lviv. But since now it is impossible, we have to hide and despicable shit.

In The Lviv Region
in the night of 1 January 2, unknown staged a ritual burning of the Museum, hiding place of Ukrainian insurgent army. Notably,
on January 1, in Ukraine celebrated 108-th anniversary of the birth of the ideologue of the Ukrainian
nationalism of Stepan Bandera, who was killed by a KGB agent, according to “Russian conversation”.

as a Museum of the underground press of the UPA near the village of Basivka, Lviv
the area was subjected to deliberate arson by unknown people. Attackers
lit object in the dark, so the fire Department had not had time
to come and extinguish the fire.

vandals, this cultural Bulletin was burned virtually to the ground. According to
Ukrainian historians, in the area in August 1955 was a battle between fighters
The UPA and NKVD troops.

We will remind, 1
Jan in Slavyansk” activists lit torches in memory
about the leader of the OUN-UPA Stepan Bandera.

As previously
it was reported that self-appointed “head” of Crimea, the Kremlin protege
dictator Putin Aksyonov threatens
supporters of Stepan Bandera by the Nuremberg process.

At the same
known that the above-mentioned process of the leader of the UPA is not judged; he lived
a few years in Germany, until he was murdered by Soviet agent Bohdan Stashinsky.