Russia adheres to the correct course and getting stronger, he said

Moscow. 31 Dec. INTERFAX – Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill considers the expiring year was successful and notes the rise of religiosity in the country.

“Last year was a successful year. We can testify about the preservation of very much positive that could disappear. We can testify to the undoubted growth of religiosity in our society. Visiting many, even remote, parts of Russia, I see as really changing people’s lives, first and foremost spiritual,” – said the Patriarch before the start of the Christmas prayer in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Thus, according to him, it cannot be considered that is done too much, “there is still a lot of work, including the churching of our people, but there is an understanding that we are going the right way.”

“And to never stray from the right course, we must ask the Lord to guide us forward,” – said the Primate.

According to him, in 2016, the country is faced with difficulties, endured tragedies, including the murder of Ambassador Andrei Karlov and Tu-154 crash near Sochi, but, overcoming all obstacles, “as a country, as a nation, our Church – we are all at God’s mercy stronger.”

“In order to steadily carried out development of the country and our Church development, we need not only to work hard, to work honestly, to deal with problems and negative phenomena in our lives, but at the same time, rushing ahead, we should clearly understand that only with his power we can not cope,” – said the Patriarch.

“You have to be simply blind not to see how God leads us in the ways of history. The perception of the past in a non-religious experience is always flawed, because it is a flat view of history, and it lacks a focus on the most important, most significant. But in the religious life of man opens the understanding that God leads us on this historic path. The movement successfully so far as we your mind and heart surrender to this divine leadership,” – said the Patriarch.