President Obama wished the country a happy New year

The latest in 2016-m to year weekly address Barack Obama devoted to the achievements of his presidency

His latest in 2016 a weekly address to the nation, Barack Obama has dedicated the achievements of the year, but two terms of his presidency as a whole.

“Today, when we turn the page this year and look to the future, I would like to thank you for all you have done for the last 8 years that America has become stronger,” he said.

The President recalled the challenges he had to face when he took the presidential powers in the 2009 crisis, loss of jobs and about 180 thousand troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama said that now, eight years later, America tells a very “different story”.

Obama reminded that during his presidency the economy recovered, was created millions of jobs, the us military has killed the leader of terrorist grouping “al-Kaida” Osama bin Laden, and 165 thousand soldiers returned home after the military operations in the middle East.

The President said that only last year, the average annual income of American families increased by $ 2,800. According to the White house, this is the highest growth of all recorded previously.

Among other achievements, Obama said of his decision to accept the affordable care Act (Affordable Care Act), which, according to the White house has allowed 20 million Americans to feel financially secure “thanks to the health insurance”.

“And most importantly – none of these achievements does not fall in the hands of the very, – said Obama. Each was the result of difficult decisions we, as well as your hard work and perseverance”.

Presidential powers Obama expire in less than a month.

In his address to the country, he said that he is preparing for a “more important role of the citizen”, stressing that is still loyal to his country.

“Know that I’ll be on this journey with you, ensuring that this country has always sought to be worthy of the stunning precepts of its founders”

“From all our family we wish you a happy and blessed 2017!” – said in conclusion, Barack Obama.