Kiev supported the U.S. position in the struggle with Russian cyber-attacks

The authorities say about the thousands of hacker attacks on state institutions

KIEV – Russia in cyberspace challenges around the Euro-Atlantic community. On 29 December during a meeting of the Council of national security and defense, said the President Petro Poroshenko.

“Overall in the last two months at the facilities of five departments and thirty-one state of an information resource that was discovered about six and a half thousand planned cyber attacks,” said Petro Poroshenko, reports a press-service of the President of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian President reminded the audience that with a similar problem, the aggressive Russian actions in cyberspace, “faced the United States.”

“We are dealing with a global challenge in the field of security, which Russia throws the entire Euro-Atlantic community,” the President said Petro Poroshenko.

We will remind that on Thursday the President of the United States Barack Obama imposed new sanctions against Russia in connection with its cyber-attacks, meddling in the November presidential elections and other actions, including harassment of American diplomats in Moscow.

In addition, 35 Russian diplomats in Washington and Consulate in San Francisco was given 72 hours to leave the country because they acted “contrary to accepted international norms of behavior.”

In social networks Ukrainian experts actively comment on the situation with the expulsion of Russian diplomats in response to cybercrime from Russia.

Sanctions after the “hybrid war”

Deputy Director of the situations modeling Agency golobutsky Alex believes that there should be different assessments of the influence of Russia in the confrontation with the United States and Ukraine.

“Of course, it is difficult to compare the United States is the largest country in the world with Ukraine. Washington can afford to effectively defend their interests. We have the same “hybrid war”, and there is a need to observe its elements. The expulsion of diplomats brings a state of war and creates a completely different situation. But in this situation I have no definite answer – Ukraine impose permanent sanctions which, in the end, can result in the expulsion of diplomats”, – says Alexey golobutsky.

To the question about whether the attempt of the newly elected President of the United States to weaken the anti-Russian rhetoric, Alex golobutsky is responsible, what Republicans, supporters of Donald trump has been the main force to achieve the anti-Russian sanctions on the “Ukrainian question”.

“In Ukraine, sometimes I see the American reality as if one President is solely the “rules” will now be another “edit”. If Donald trump wants to immediately enter the conflict, relations with Congress and his supporters in the Republican party, and a part of American society, he can immediately lift the sanctions against Russia. But the current situation (with the 35 expulsion of Russian diplomats – T. B.) is a hint of President Barack Obama’s newly elected leader,” – emphasizes Alexey golobutsky.

Alex golobutsky recalls that Republicans criticized the current administration of Barack Obama for failing to act more radically on the “Ukrainian question” and against the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine.

The signal for the trump

Ukrainian political analyst Oleg Goncharenko believes that the United States will not allow anyone to interfere in its policy and to influence the processes within the state.

“Whatever is the status of President Barack Obama – his administration goes, and there is a temptation not to take her actions seriously, but it should be understood that the United States will not tolerate any external interference, and the expulsion of Russian diplomats is perceived as adequate course of official Washington on Russia’s attempt to manipulate the electoral system of America. We must not forget that the sanctions against Russia that were adopted, they were adopted by the U.S. Congress, which is now most Republicans,” says Oleg Goncharenko correspondent of Russian service “voice of America”.

Oleg Goncharenko believes that the President-elect of the United States will focus more on solving domestic economic problems, but a global policy of the United States will not abandon the current Pro-Ukrainian position.

“The administration and the part of congressional Republicans trying to put trump in a situation where he will be forced to reckon with their opinion and the opinion of society. In the control system, the US has mechanisms that will not allow you alone to decide. Today’s actions of the Obama administration is a signal to the next President: take into account the opinion of society” – emphasizes Oleg Goncharenko.

However, Oleg Goncharenko believes that official Kyiv should keep “communication channel” for negotiations with Russia on the issues of the return of control of part of the occupied territories and annexed Crimea.

“We need to think strategically. The sanctions, which Ukraine enters against Russia, we will strengthen together with the United States,” – said Oleg Goncharenko.

The US and Russia: a big political game

Political expert, Director of the Center of public relations Eugene Magda calls “a normal and quite adequate” reaction of official Washington to the illegal actions of the Russian side.

“For the United States seems impossible any attempted interference in the election process. Therefore, the current actions of Washington is a completely normal and adequate response,” – said Evgeny Magda, the correspondent of Russian service “voice of America”.

However, the expert believes that the United States and the Russian Federation are a big political game, which is difficult to apply in foreign policy of official Kiev.

“We still, hybrid warfare but I can’t say that Russian diplomats in Ukraine feel downright calm. If today to raise the question of the severance of diplomatic relations, what it will give, who will benefit? It will benefit several millions of Ukrainians as Putin says working in Russia? I think not,” said Evgeny Magda.

According to the former Minister of foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko, the United States decided to send 35 diplomats of Russia, showed the official Moscow that will be hard to respond to the intervention of the “Holy of holies” – the electoral process.

“Here is the answer to the surface. When the country is grossly interfere in the “Holy of holies” of any democracy – electoral process, trying to sway elections in one direction or another. Here the reaction, in my opinion, should be much tougher. But this move is a very serious signal to Moscow that such things will not say goodbye”, – said Vladimir Ogryzko in comments to television channel “112 Ukraine”.